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  • Ischemic Stroke
    What Is Stroke?

How Frequent is Stroke in India?

According to a study conducted by a Public Health Origination in India, Stroke is the second most death cause in India and the number of Stroke cases is increasing by a dangerous 50% which is alarming! As a result of sedentary lifestyle and personal and work related stress that take a toll on the quality of living. In addition, diabetes and hypertension are making most people vulnerable. All these factors caused the increase in the frequency of Stroke in India, surpassing western countries.     

What Is Stroke?

Oxygen is vital for brain to function and it is provided through blood circulation. If blood flow to the brain is lowered or stopped due to blocks in the nerves, leads the brain to stifle for oxygen and nutrients. Due to this sudden arrest of the brain, the cells of it get damaged and die gradually causing ‘Stroke’ which is also known as ‘Brain Attack’.  

It also causes bleeding in the brain other serious complications. The remaining brain cells are stand at the risk of death and these cells can continue in a debilitated state for hours.

Stroke is a Medical Emergency!

Although this chronic disorder can occur at any age, there are higher chances of it in the people who are above 65 years of age. However, the relieving news is up to 80% of Strokes are preventable. Healthy living habits along with diet rich with nutrients and physical activity can prevent the Stroke. Most importantly, spreading awareness on Stroke is the key.