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    Parkinson’s Support Program (Psp)

Parkinson’s Support Program (Psp) – Frontenders Foundation

The program under FrontEnders Foundation is designed to focus on the health and well-being of the people diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. Our foundation strives to increase awareness on Parkinson’s Disease by conducting camps and conferences for the Senior Citizens. Apart from that, our dedicated program executives and other stakeholders who increase awareness through various channels of communication such as posters, brochures, audio-visual communication, booklets targeting the different target groups.

Apart from Parkinson’s awareness programs, we also provide treatment, medication and rehabilitation support to the Parkinson’s Patients across Tamil Nadu. We also focus on helping Parkinson’s Disease patients, meeting them and conducting exercise therapies for their well-being.

As one of the first organizers of Parkinson’s Support Programs in Chennai, we strive to instill the hope in Parkinson’s Patients that even though there is no cure for this disease, it can be maintained. And, most importantly they are not alone in this fight!