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5 Good Foods for Stroke Prevention

The incidence of cardiovascular diseases is on the rise. The transition of food habits from natural to processed food, sedentary lifestyle and lack of health awareness has contributed immensely towards lifestyle diseases like ‘Stroke’. What is a stroke? A stroke occurs when an area of the brain gets deprived of blood and

How To Reduce The Risk Of Having A Stroke?

A 'stroke' is a disease which occurs when the supply of blood to the brain is blocked or interrupted. In other words, a blood vessel present within the brain ruptures causing serious damage to the blood tissue. It is an illness which requires immediate medical emergency and adequate treatment should

7 Benefits of Yoga for Parkinson’s Patients

Parkinson’s disease (PD) is one of the deadliest diseases which has no appropriate cure in this world. But, the symptoms and effects caused by the disease can be controlled with proper medications and a healthy lifestyle, that will drastically increase the lifespan of Parkinson’s affected people. Effects of Parkinson’s disease Parkinson’s disease

Everything you need to know about “Panic Attack” and “Stroke”

What are anxiety symptoms or panic attack? Anxiety is one of the most common psychological factors affecting the global health and is associated with complex presentations. The clinical signs and symptoms of panic disorder are very similar to coronary heart diseases like stroke and heart attack. Anxiety attacks can occur as

Role of Foods and Vitamins in Healing a Stroke

One of the major causes of saviour illness and long term physical impairments prevalent in the aged community can be attributed to ‘Stroke’. A Stroke is a medical condition that occurs due to shortage or interrupted supply of blood to the brain. This in turn causes deprivation of oxygen and nutrient supply

Relationship Between Diabetes and Stroke

Stroke occurs when blood supply to the brain is either reduced or stopped, or if the blood vessel supplying oxygen and glucose to the brain tissue gets damaged resulting in brain tissue’s death. Compromised blood supply to brain for more than three minutes may lead to death of tissue in

How Vision Gets Affected by Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease is a chronic, progressive neurological disorder caused by death of Dopaminergic neurons in area of brain known as Substantia nigra, responsible for production of dopamine. This depletes the level of dopamine in areas of visual cortex and some cells of retina as well which may lead to problems

Tips for the Caregiver’s of Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease (PD) is an age related chronic, progressive degenerative disorder of central nervous system that primarily affects movement of body, balance and muscle control. Caregiver plays a very crucial role in PD patient’s life. It is the ‘’Caregiver’’ who takes care of the basic needs, supports the patient, adapts