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Welcome to FrondEnders Foundation and we are Here for a Change!

Established in the year of 2015 with a vision to bring a Positive Societal Impact in the lives of the Elderly, this Chennai based Non-Profit Organization endeavours to extend a helping hand to the older generation in the needs of every aspect of their life.

With an added responsibility as one of the few Healthcare Foundations in India, we focus on few of the unstated health issues, the likes of Parkinson’s disease and Stroke Disease. We simplify the odds and are focused on bestowing the opportunities to the needy that could simplify the challenges and bring them a better future and build a better society. We believe in active engagement and participation in the society with a cause to serve can increase awareness and pull like-minded people on the same track to establish a proficient and healthier society in all aspects.

Recognized as one of the few NGOs in Chennai to focus on Neurological Disorders, FrontEnders Foundation aspires to bring awareness on the major Degenerative Neurological Disorders such as Parkinson’s and Stroke Disease. Awareness on these disorders is the key to eradicate them from the society. We organize various Parkinson’s Support Programs and Stroke Support Programs to improve the awareness levels in the society. FrontEnders Foundation also provides medical and financial support to the Parkinson’s and Stroke patients who are not able to offer the expenses.

Our various programs and awareness activities support the elderly from different walks of life both in the rural and urban sector. The prime objective is to create and support meaningful activities to address the Elderly population in India.

The foundation also lays significant emphasis on utilising technology for the programs designed in order to reach out to the communities at large. The direct approach model will also be emphasised wherein trained professionals are used to reach out to the society.

In order to maximise the reach and the impact in the society, we have established partnerships with organisations and individuals who have technical expertise and experience to undertake various programmes in the identified focus area.

Through our fundraising initiative ‘Maitri’ we have extended our services for the elderly by conducting various health camps and providing necessary medicines and medical equipment, sponsor surgeries and provide various physiological and other needs. To know more about Maitri visit

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