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Treatment for Stroke

Treatment for Stroke should be provided at the earliest. The doctors will first conduct tests and scans to know whether it is Ischemic Stroke – caused by clots in an artery or Hemorrhagic Stroke – bleeding in brain. For Ischemic type, emergency intravenous medications will be provided to burst the clots. Aspirin will be given to prevent another stroke.

For Hemorrhagic Stroke, medication to control the bleeding in brain will be given. Based on the intensity of bleeding, doctors may suggest surgery to prevent any further damage of the brain cells. Procedures such as surgical clipping, coiling and AVM removal will be performed.

How to Reduce the Risks of Stroke?

Stroke is emerging as one of the main causes of death and permanent disability of people. Hypertension, smoking, a history of stroke or a cardiac arrest are increasing the chances having a stroke. This can be prevented by taking the following preventive measures.

  • Check blood pressure at regular intervals
  • for atrial fibrillation or irregular heartbeat
  • Quit smoking
  • Moderate alcohol consumption
  • Check cholesterol level regularly
  • Diabetics should follow the recommendations of the doctor
  • Make exercises as part of your daily routine
  • Reduce salt and fat diet
  • Check for any blood flow problems that increase stroke risk

Prevention of Stroke

Follow a diet that is rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Involve in physical activities and do exercises regularly. Use steps instead of elevators or escalators. Quit tobacco and consumption of alcohol. Understand your personal risks and follow your doctor’s advice to stay healthy and spread awareness on stroke and support the stroke patient in a way you can.

Support after Stroke

A Stroke could be devastating for both the patient and his/her family members. The support for Stroke patient from the family members is as important as the medication itself. Stroke leaves one in a state that questions the life afterwards. However, Stroke survivors too can live a normal life with the moral support of the family members and with the support of medication and strict diet. There are many daily exercises and Stroke rehabilitation centres in India that keep the patient healthy and avoid the chances of another Stroke.