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    Treatment Methods for PD

Treatment Methods for PD

There are various treatment options for PD. Some drugs and therapies can effectively prevent the symptoms from advancing to the next levels. As the level of disease varies from person to person, the treatment aspect also works differently among the people and cannot be standard. The physician may have to monitor closely to determine the level and type of treatment. The different treatment approaches could be a combination of related to medications. The surgery known as Deep Brain Stimulation may help in improving the condition, however it is decided by the surgeon.   


The prescribed medication need to be taken by the patients regularly as per the timings. As this is a neurological disorder taking medication regularly help the patient to restore the damage that caused by the disorder. It is important to not to forget or neglect the medication as there is hope for the people affected by Parkinson’s Disease if they take the medication regularly.

Deep Brain Stimulation

Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS)

Deep Brain Stimulation or popularly known as DBS is a surgery in which 2 electrodes are implanted in the selected areas of the brain. These electrodes regulate the abnormal impulses that cause tremors and shake by releasing impulses that stimulate. The whole effect of impulses will be controlled by the pacemaker that is attached to the electrodes.    

Exercise for Parkinson’s

The symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease starts from affecting the motor functions of the body. It causes tremors and shakes in legs and hands causing physical moment difficult and uncertain. Certain exercises help Parkinson’s patients at great level. Regular exercise with the help of medication and food help people to manage the disorder more effectively while delaying the advanced symptoms.